Membership fees are payable annually for the period 1 January to 31 December.  There are also multi year membership options available. Society T-Shirts are also available to purchase at a cost of $22.00.

Current annual membership fees are as follows:

  Individual  Family/Corporate  
  $  25.00 (emailed newsletter) $  40.00 (emailed newsletter)  
Membership Benefits

Membership to the Society provides members with:-

  • Monthly newsletter (except Dec & Jan)
  • Monthly meetings with interesting speakers
  • Access to Resource Centre books and collections
  • Free research assistance
  • Borrowing rights to books and tapes held at the Society’s Resource Centre
To Join

Please complete the Membership Application and deliver or post together with cash, cheque or money order for fees payable to Wynnum Manly Historical Society Inc to:-

Deliver to: Post to:
Wynnum Manly Historical Society Resource Centre
Wynnum Community Centre
Room 1.08 , 105 Florence Street
(old Wynnum Central State School building)
Wynnum Manly Historical Society
51 Drayton Terrace
Wynnum   Qld    4178

Alternately, we can accept a direct deposit of the membership fees into our bank account. Account details are provided on the Membership Application.

Your completed Membership Application Form can be emailed or forwarded by post together with your payment.

Please Note: We are unable to accept credit card payments.

Membership Enquiries

Should you have any queries regarding membership, please contact the Society’s Membership Coordinator, Geraint Gregory on (07) 3396 5264 or email  membership@wmhs.org.au

Society Apparel

Wynnum Manly Historical Society polo shirts, fleecy zip up jackets and spray jackets are available for purchase. If you are interested in purchasing any apparel, your order can be placed in person at the Society’s Resource Centre or by phoning Jill Greenhill on 07 3393 3208 or by email to library@wmhs.org.au.