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Resource Centre

Wynnum Community Centre (Old Wynnum Central State School) 

Room 1.08, 105 Florence Street, Wynnum

When the front door is open - come up the front steps - then first room on left

There is a lift on the ground floor at the back of the building

                     Open Monday to Friday from 10am until noon

Also on four Saturdays in 2024 -  February 3, May 4, September 7 and October 5

We like to receive memorabilia of the Local District:-

          Newspaper / Maps /Photographs /Books

                  Deeds /Cuttings / Anything else local ....

We endeavour to answer, or research, your local historical interests:

                     House history / Family History / Personal Biographies

                     Location of Former Relatives / Lost Relatives

                      Previous Events / And so on.

 All our staff are Volunteers

We appreciate help in organizing the Centre. Contact the Secretary to volunteer

Could be once a week, once a month or fill in for a sick or absent volunteer

For insurance reasons, volunteers must be members of the Society

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